Twist Your Fantasies is Jamaica’s First Adult Mens’ Club and Luxury Adult Parties brought to you by Secret Gardens Jamaica. Today is about providing a safe, sexual environment for people worldwide to explore their fantasies and sexual desires! We believe in offering a wonderful time while your here in Jamaica. Your required to wear masks to these parties, you can purchase tickets below. We keep our Luxury Adult Parties being twice yearly at luxury villas in Jamaica. These private parties allow men or couples to come and explore the girls. There is a fee for all parties and we ensure you will leave with a smile on your face. Call it a orgy party or sex party or just a party for someone to enjoy themselves while their here, we will have 25-30 girls to choose from and Ladies can choose from 10-15 men, not just our escorts will arrive but new girls who only want to work for the parties and  not a full time escort. To be able to attend these partiesbuy your tickets below.


Next Party is December 12, 2015


All tickets must be purchased by October 30th, 2015

Not able to pay online? Contact us now, click here

Type of Tickets Ticket Description Cost of Tickets

Entrance Only Ticket-$100

This ticket only allows you to enter the party and allows two complimentary drinks. It allows you to get lap dance from the girls but no other service.

Standard Ticket-$200

Includes complementary drinks only,includes lap dances and 2 personal service. Does not include A-Level.

Bronze Ticket-$370

This ticket includes 4 Personal Service . Also 2 complementary drinks and food. Includes any service listed, BJ, Normal and A-level.

Silver Ticket-$570

This package includes 7 Personal Service .. It Also includes All Meals and Some Beverages. Includes BJ, Normal, A-Level and DUO.

Gold Ticket-$800

Are you staying at a Hotel and just want to come over to the party for couple of hours but still want to be treated as a VIP? Then our Golden Ticket is right for you. Masks must be purchased separately. Unlimited Meals, Beverages and Personal Service from our Escorts. This ticket is only Valid for 6 hours. After your time is up you will be required to leave or pay for more time. While you’re here in Jamaica there is no need to be bored. Buy our Gold Ticket and be treated like a VIP for 6 full hours.

VIP Ticket-$2700

This ticket is for Members who wish to be treated like VIP and looking for an Erotic Vacation Package. This Includes your stay at the Luxury Villa for 2 Nights and 3 Days. It Includes unlimited Meals, Some Beverages and Personal Service. You will be at all Parties while your staying at the Villa. It Also Includes transportation from the Airport or Hotel to the Villa. We also give you a free mask when we pick you up from the Airport or Hotel. You will have the option from choosing from 20-30 girls. You can receive personal service as many times as you want from any of the girls. So if you want to experience this VIP Elite Adult Entertainment book now. VIP tickets are limited so book now!!





Explore the World of Elite Adult Parties in Jamaica.




Some of our clients decided to help us Promote these parties took some pics below. We really appreciate your support and loyalty.


Go Anywhere in the Villa for Private time with the girls

6_339 - Copy

7_204 - Copy

 Girls going to bed after the party

9 - Copy

5544 - Copy

44333 - Copy


543433 - Copy

Girls dressed for the first night, very hot due to the huge turn out we got. 



I wonder what is on the girls?




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 4 reviews
Yes Yes Yes!!!

Just came back from Jamaica. The party was great for Sept 14th. The Venue was great and not too much crowd so you have a lot of space and about 22 girls to choose from. Some naked with only a mask and some in costumes and lingerie. I loved how safe i felt in Kingston, Jamaica; It was great. Ok when you arrive Secret Gardens gives you some small band or small ropes (not sure what to call them) over your hand. Each rope represents how many personal service you will receive. Before you can receive personal service you must give one to the escort for her services. If you want 2 services from the same escort then you need to giver her two band or rope. So if it is your band or rope is finish then you cannot get anymore personal service unless you buy more band or ropes. Food was great and the place was like a palace with beautiful Jamaican Girls. I absolutely recommend it if your looking for something different. I will be there for every September parties. If you've been to the parties i think Secret Gardens deserves all the comments from people who attend, don't be lazy they deserve it. So spread the word so these parties can continue in the future.

What do you Mean?

What do you mean Sold Out? I thought 90% of your client base was not from Jamaica. How can it be you guys sold a small amount of tickets. I will be there in Sept and i need to go to the party in September. Just respond here via comment and i will check back to see what you have to say.

Great Service

So we will all wear masks to these parties? What about people from other countries, i am from Canada, can you reschedule the party for November instead of September? We need time to come or ask for vacation? The party dates will not work for everyone, please do a survey and you will see.

Yes you are indeed correct. We will complete a survey in our next Newsletter, if you are not in our Newsletter sign up here

This is what i want

I really want to attend these parties, how much for couples? Is it more money than normal? Well i know i have to become a member just curious. What about clients from around the world, you cannot keep parties in 2weeks time, can you give us like one month or two in advance? I am excited about an adult party in Kingston


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